Member Benefits

We want to build a relationship with the people who call Fit One Four home. To help establish that relationship we have created a loyalty program to show how much we care for our community. We offer:


  • FREE Training Sessions:  All new members receive 3 personal training sessions. (must be used within 30 days of joining)
  • Community Pricing - 6 Months: If you've joined with a standard membership, after 6 months your pricing drops down to our referral rate to give your wallet a break.
  • FREE Swag - 18 Months: Once you've been here for 18 months, it’s obvious that you're all in. To commemorate that, there’s nothing better than some FREE swag to show off.

Membership Options


$45 / Month
  • Monthly membership with no long term contract.
  • No initiation fees and no deposit.


$35 / Month
  • Discounted monthly membership with no long term contract, no initiation fees, and no deposit.
  • Qualify by referring a new member or being referred by a current member.

Paid Ahead

$25 / Month
  • Lowest monthly membership with $120 deposit and no long term contract.
  • Save $120 over 12 months compared to Standard membership.

Paid in Full

$360 / Year
  • 12 month membership with no auto renewal.
  • Save $180 over 12 months compared to Standard membership.

Partner Discounts

We have some amazing partnerships that we offer our members. Just present your membership key card at the following businesses to receive partnership discount: