Health and fitness have been a central part of Mackenzie’s life as an athlete, distant runner, and equestrian rider. She enjoys the personal challenges of exercising and pushing beyond limits to arrive at a new personal best. The passion she has to help others led her to graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science, a Masters in Sports Business, and obtain a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist certification through the National Strength and Conditioning Association.


Mackenzie has worked with clients ranging from adolescence to late adulthood, with various complex needs. Mackenzie has trained women through pregnancy, clients with neurological diseases, and beginner runners across a marathon finish line. Clients of hers have experienced reduction in body fat percentage and chronic pains, while increasing strength and confidence.


Combining her knowledge of kinesiology, exercise, and nutrition with personal experiences, Mackenzie provides custom tailored exercise programs to accommodate all levels of fitness, strengthen previous injuries, and motivate clients to achieve their goals. By supporting the daily steps to improve overall health and empowering personal changes in individuals, Mackenzie will help clients excel beyond expectation.


When Mackenzie is not in the gym, she enjoys spending time outdoors, on a horse, snowboarding, or attending Jeep events.