John has over 15 experience in training with a variety of clients all who have different goals. John is a graduate of Otterbein College, and was a member of the Otterbein Football team. John is an accomplished power lifter and a member of the Westside Barbell Club.


"My experience at WSB has been an invaluable experience as a trainer. Training with and around some of the greatest minds in power lifting as well as strength coaches from the NFL, NCAA and NBA has taught me so much and I'm grateful for it"


John has trained athletes, power lifters, bodybuilders and fitness competitors but his true passion is helping regular folks. "I love working with people who have goals but just don't know how to get there. I love being part of that two person team as we reach those goals together. In the past, I have worked with multiple women who came to me at 400 lbs and in 2.5 years got down to under 150 lbs. I can honestly say I am just as proud of that as I am my best power lifting numbers"