Grant has been heavily involved and dedicated to the fitness industry for the last 5 years. This includes working with clients as well as years more of personal development strength training and sports in himself. Grant is a third generation powerlifter, as his family has been involved in the sport for decades. Powerlifting and bodybuilding as a young insecure kid, has helped Grant develop a love for helping people grow, learn the value of discipline, and reach their full potential in life.


“I have been beyond blessed to have worked alongside, and learned from some of the best in the industry. It has turned into a deep understanding for the power of movement and physical fitness. No matter what level of fitness, I don’t feel as if there is someone I can't help.”


Grant has coached an array of people, ranging from 12 to 78 and from inexperienced to advanced. His favorite accomplishments as a coach include, helping an older gentlemen gain his abilities to go back out and live life with his wife again. Coaching a state placing high school wrestler. Grant has also coached multiple athletes to over 500 lb deadlifts, and holds elite numbers in powerlifting himself.