Stephanie got her start in the health and wellness industry 12 years ago as a group fitness instructor and personal trainer. Her love for the gym and passion for pursuing a healthy lifestyle led her back to school to pursue dietetics. At the Ohio State University, she earned both her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in human nutrition, in addition to earning her credentials as a registered dietitian.


Over the years, Stephanie has dedicated herself to meeting people where they are and striving alongside them to live a more balanced and healthy life. During that time she has coached hundreds of clients to reach their wellness and fitness goals including young kids, professional athletes, or adults looking to maximize their health. Her experience and education have given her the tools needed to develop individualized nutrition plans that are feasible, sustainable, and able to create lasting change.


Her practice thus far includes weight management, athletics, chronic disease management and prevention, food allergy and sensitivity, lifestyle and behavior modification and holistic nutrition. When she’s not working with clients, she is orients her life around her faith, her family, and of course food!