Education & Experience

Growing up playing competitive soccer, Mandy found a passion for working sports and getting athletes back to doing what they love. This led to her becoming an athletic trainer, NSCA-certified strength and conditioning specialist, and later a physical therapist.


She has experience working with both the general population and elite athletes across a variety of sports. Mandy believes fitness, sports, and physical activity are for all ages and abilities. She applies the evidence-based concepts of strength and conditioning to her physical therapy programs.


In her free time, she enjoys serving in the Ohio Army National Guard, hiking, skiing, and everything else outdoors.

Get to know Mandy

Q: What’s your favorite food?

A: Mac 'n Cheese with BBQ pulled pork.


Q: What do enjoy most about your career?

A: The opportunity to help people continue doing what they love, and to discover just how much they are capable of after illness or injury.


Q: What's your favorite quote?

A: In Omnia Paratus - Ready for Anything